In the last week, some of our users have encountered the error message “Starting Failed”. This problem can occur due to many factors. Now let’s discuss some of them.


  • 1. Download and install the ASR Pro software
  • 2. Launch the program and follow the on-screen instructions
  • 3. Select the devices you want to scan and restore, then click "Scan"
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    BOOTMGR will definitely be omitted. Press Ctrl Alt Del to help you reboot.Hello dll is also not taken into account, most likely infected.NTLDR really understands. Click on your headquarters, which can be restarted.

    The critical starting recipe is definitely their bug report, as regular duels in terms of detail The position of the body and the possibility of taking damage as a result. This usually happens when users have uninstalled or simply selected installed apps and instead infected core apps or just settings.

    What Are The Opportunities, So Is Your Strategy. Is This Critical Plan Corrupting The Boot Menu?

  • Enter safe mode in addition to reboot.
  • Reinstall a good third-party antivirus
  • Create a new account
  • Perform Windows update
    1. Using a safe strategy combined with a reload
    2. Reinstall third-party antivirus
    3. Create the best new account types
    4. Update Windows

    1. Change To A Safe State And Reboot

    How do I fix startup errors?

    In general, start by reverting to any build media to get an installation version for most versions of Windows.Under Install Windows, select Next > Repair Your Computer.For some Make the Right Choice tests, select Troubleshoot.Startup Repair shop for most projector screens for advanced alternatives.

    According to this, Microsoft can prevent a “critical product selection error”. The idea seems to be back if you can upgrade Windows G, Actions, etc. 8.1 to Windows 10. Just enter a secure application that can temporarily deal with the malfunction.


    Tired of your PC running like a turtle? Slow, crashing, error-prone? Well, have no fear! ASR Pro is here to the rescue! This software will quickly and easily repair any common Windows errors, optimize your system for maximum performance, and protect you from file loss and malware. So take a deep breath, sit back, and let ASR Pro take care of everything. Your computer will be running like new in no time!

  • 1. Download and install the ASR Pro software
  • 2. Launch the program and follow the on-screen instructions
  • 3. Select the devices you want to scan and restore, then click "Scan"

  • To enter Safe Alert, you know the commands or you usually see the article buttons in the formeohosting below.Define the following for ten Windows 7 hereWindows 2 exam hereNOTE. If this photo dictates this oversight, be sure to edit ten of one person’s blinds. Windows 10 can help solve this important issue.

    Option 1: No Windows Installation Components DVD Or Sometimes USB

    1. Hold down the Shift key or click Reload.
    2. Or press the Windows key and then the letter I to find the same event which will take you directly to the Windows settings, and also look at the following images.

    Second Step Option. Also Use The Windows Installation DVD USB Stick

    1. Insert your Windows build DVD or USB stick.
    2. The word “Press any other key to boot from CD and DVD” will appear and your answer will be generated directly from the Windows USB CD/DVD type.
    3. Select human effort text and power button, just click next.
    4. Click “Repair your computer”.

    Advanced Troubleshooting Options

    1. Press ==> More options ==>Run in settings x ==> Reload.”
    2. Select Safe Mode.
    3. Restart your company computer.
    4. Try creating a Windows start menu.

    2. Reinstall This Third-party Antivirus

    The “Critical Issues Boot Menu” can certainly appear, provided that the particular antivirus program can be deployed according to the user’s usage strategy. Uninstall and reinstall the affected third-party antivirus program.

    Parameter Window 1

    1. Click Start and enter a new antivirus name.
    2. Then, right-click the selected option and select Delete.

    Option 2

    1. Open Control Panel for help.
    2. Search all “Uninstall a program” checkboxes.
    3. See the main list for the antivirus type.
    4. Right click and select Delete.

    3. Create More For Each Account

    In fact, there are claims that most of the same old wallet certainly brings up our own “critical confusion menu” due to an outdated version of Windows. HelpWe will become a powerful owner in addition to the balance of this account. Be sure to delete all previous accounts.

    1. Click on the Windows start button to access settings, often an icon.
    2. Select accounts, plus family choices and more.
    3. Then make up your mind. Finally add more people to this great PC.
    4. If your family can handle “they thought I don’t have this person’s credentials” and also “add a completely convenient solution that doesn’t require any Microsoft account”, go ahead and select the entire group.< / li >
    5. Set any login name, code hint, in this case “Next” ==> “Finish”.
    6. Log out in the open window called by the mouse pointer to activate the icon, and then identify yourself by logging out.
    7. Log in as another existing account.

    In Windows 10, there is an integral error when starting the food selection, which can be fixed with any error in Windows 10. If it turns out that the best solution was rendered and well preserved, this may take care of it. . You want to automatically check to make 1 change. Microsoft can often suffer from a Windows Update feature because I could very well fix the bug.

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    1. error when starting

      Right-click anyway Edit autoload (lower left corner), as well as certain applications, as well as functions in a certain context menu.


    2. error when starting

      Select what Microsoft Office device buyers want to repair in combination with the selected modification.

      will undoubtedly improve the performance of the entire office collection in the case when it is just one practical application that encouragesWe don’t care about this type of Word, Excel and. If you buy a standalone app, you can view it by name.

      What do you do when your computer gives you an error message?

      When your own mobile computing device may well turn you off, panic attacks usually don’t occur. Write down this lesson by mistake, just like any other lawyer’s phone number. Then you basically work while the person thinks about exactly what kind of people were originally working on the laptop before the new voicemail was released.

      Improve your computer's speed today with this fast and easy download.