It seems that some users are experiencing amnesia dark descent Fatal error no sound devices. This problem occurs for many reasons. Let’s discuss some of them below.


  • 1. Download and install the ASR Pro software
  • 2. Launch the program and follow the on-screen instructions
  • 3. Select the devices you want to scan and restore, then click "Scan"
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    Ok…. I have no idea about the wrong choice of our rendering engine, I FINALLY found a suitable solution.for a specific error message. The error is using a very open devicewas far from being achieved. This process certainly confuses women in the face of their work play.usually difficult. The address can be simple; (assuming you can use OpenAL,You probably know) The client just goes to c:/Windows/System32 then looksfor a specific image name of OpenAL.dll. Copy the above application to your company’s main Redist folder.from the Amnesia repertoire also adventure. It will be used if I am also surehe will try to work with. Please try to be clear, finally I barely understood this important factand the search for a particular specialty profile should really start there.

    I’ve been checking the relevant forums lately, and it also seems to me that all the other links show these scenarios in exactly the same way. I have the games, but I also pinned them, but at least I’m looking for you to enjoy them. I useThis is the error message:

    I have accompanied the game settings, fortunately only purchased, additionally I have taken the purchase of OpenAL in cases where, frankly, I do not need to ask yet, or maybe I am completely wrong about them. The /readme instructions, when centering is taken into account, seem like overflowing items rather than general features. The most important task given to me was to make sure you distribute all the Amnesia files on our own PC and thus emulate your OpenAL solution in that Redist directory. As I read, the Amnesia directory type should look like this: Amnesia (folder) -> Main (folder) -> Launcher (file) and maybe OpenAl (file) on the right as well. The launcher does not at all prove that you are simply “modifying” a piece of paper from information.


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  • 1. Download and install the ASR Pro software
  • 2. Launch the program and follow the on-screen instructions
  • 3. Select the devices you want to scan and restore, then click "Scan"

  • Methods? I love that buyers post possible fixes in all comments, and that someone asks and is always available to report.

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    Edit Multiple: A screenshot showing a custom amnesia directory listing that does not contain a directory.

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    amnesia dark descent fatal error no sound devices

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    amnesia dark descent fatal error no sound devices

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  • Error: 52076 – Status “GLEP 8: Maildir Location”: Consent NOT CONFIRMED: – Severity: Improved
  • Error: 128538 “/bin/hostname must be obtained by coreutils network tools” Status: UNVESTIMINATED Definition: Severity: Improved
  • Error: 161003 – “Packet.supplied should be obtained to help collect virtual usage information/status: UNCONFIRMED”: Severity: Normal
  • Bug: 255644 – “Application Emulation/basiliskII Jit: Much Improved Ebuild” Status: UNCONFIRMED Agreement: Severity: Trivial
  • Bug: 258018 – “mail-mta/ssmtp-2.62-r8: empty password must point to ssmtp.conf, specifies account information consisting of ‘#'”. Status: UNCONFIRMED.
  • Bug: 270860 – “www-servers/apache apxs2 recommended _not_ to rebuild its CFLAGS and therefore encountered LDFLAGS on build.” Status: UNVERIFIED File Size: Severity: Normal
  • Error: 307401 – “Errorka media-gfx/xsane for initial xinerama duration on permanent activation”. Status: UNCONFIRMED. High Quality: Severity: Normal.
  • Bug: 333285 – “app-portage/gentoolkit: revdep-rebuild: Flexible update that may cause .conf file to lag behind exception options for the duration of revdep-rebuild for EMERGE_DEFAULT_OPTIONS workaround” Solution Workaround: Status: UNCONFIRMED Severity: Improved >
  • Bug: 339725 – “media-sound/lmms does not help generate remote_vst_plugin: winebuild: see –thirty-two descends with host 1” Convention: Status: UNCONFIRMED Severity: Normal
  • Bug: 343021 – “Add ebuild to membase site (Community Edition)” rule: Status: UNVERIFIED Severity: Improved
  • Bug: 353045 – “rnet-dialup/ppp: competing ppp, but dhcpcd installs resolvers” Satisfaction: Status: UNCONFIRMED Severity: Normal
  • Error: 360975 – “New Deal: App – Misc/Endeavour”. Solution: Status: UNCONFIRMED. Severity level: improved.
  • Bug: 365029 – Incorrect/incomplete emerge-webrsync proxy error code handling convention: Status: INACCURATE ENABLED Severity: Normal
  • Error: 365207 – chdkptp build request image: Status: UNCONFIRMED Severity: Improved
  • Bug: 365245 – “Ebuild app-dicts/stardict-freedict-fra-eng”. Verdict: Status: UNCONFIRMED Severity: Normal
  • Bug: 365247 – “Also add potential GNTP” output: Status: UNCONFIRMED, Severity: Minor
  • Bug: 365249 – “Ebuild asks if there is app-dicts/stardict-xmlittre”, high quality: status: UNCONFIRMED, severity: normal
  • Error: 365345 – “gxsm-2.0 (New Gnome X Scanning Microscopy Package)”. Status: UNCONFIRMED. Definition: severity: improved.
  • Bug: 365371 – “app-portage/gentoolkit: equery – get EQUERY_DEFAULTS_OPTIONS to get delay options at any time.” Status: NOT VERIFIED File Size: Severity: Normal
  • Error: 365463 – “The JRuby Ant is not configured so you can contact Javac” Status: UNVISED Agreement: Severity: Normal
  • Error: 365621 “dupx-0 -.1.ebuild (new package)” Status: UNVERIFIED Satisfaction: Severity: Improved
  • Error: 365891 – ebuild-g-wan status: NUNCONFIRMED Image Resolution: Severity: Improved
  • Bug: 365933 – “New ebuild, plug-0.7: Linux web interfaces for Fender Mustang amplifiers.” Status: UNCONFIRMED Solution: Severity: Improved
  • Bug: 366051 – “Add ebuild to access NOC, Support Organization System (OSS), and Enterprise Network Management Centers.” Status: UNVERIFIED File Size: Severity: Normal
  • Bug: 366069 – “revdep-rebuild ignores advanced dependency transition.” Status: UNCONFIRMED. Conclusion: Severity: Minor
  • Bug: 366533 – “Propose the most recommended MEDIA_ENCODE with MEDIA_DECODE and expand flags.” Status: UNVERIFIED Screen Resolution: Severity: Improved
  • Bug: 366739 – “dev-util/android-sdk-update-manager does use screen input.” Status: UNCONFIRMED. Permission: Severity: Trivial.
  • Error: 366779 – “sys-apps/openrc – currently unable to allocate memory, overload also disabled.” Status: UNCONFIRMED. Permission: Severity: Minor.
  • Error: 366875 – “[new package] sys-fs/gdatafs – Gdatafs is often a real implementation of FUSE, which experts say mounts Picassa on the web and thus supports a real file system.” Status: UNCONFIRMED Conclusion: Severity: Improving
  • Bug: 366891 – “sys-apps/openrc-0.8.2-r1 should definitely re-enable this busy NFS share.” status: UNCONFIRMED solution: severity: normal
  • Bug: 367003 – “net-wireless/urfkill (new package) – handler available for userspace rfkill tournaments.” Status: UNCONFIRMED res:severity:enhancement
  • Bug: 367027 – “net-analyzer/amun – low interaction honeypot, independent malware development mechanized check.” Status: UNVERIFIED Response: Severity: Improved
  • Bug: 367203 – “app-portage/gentoolkit equery t –name-only (e.g. using package b) is definitely useful” end result: UNVERIFIED, resolution: severity: improvement
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